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About Us
Mission Statement
Hoa Phat's mission is to provide the fastest, safest, most secure and most inexpensive way for the overseas Vietnamese community to send money and gifts to their loved ones in Vietnam.
About Us
Saigon Central Post, doing business as Hoa Phat, has been in the business of remittances and gift sending to Vietnam since the 1980s. Hoa and Phat Nguyen, owners of Saigon Central Post, were boat refugees that left Vietnam in 1981 and came to the United States in 1982. Since then, seeing that there was a need to connect the overseas Vietnamese communities with their loved ones in Vietnam, they have been servicing the needs of the Vietnamese people by being the bridge between the Vietnamese Diaspora and their relatives in Vietnam. Today, Hoa Phat has become a leader in the business of Money Transfer to Vietnam. Our central office is in the heart of Little Saigon, California, but we have about 20 branch offices and more 50 agent offices throughout the United States. We are a licensed money transmitters in virtually all the states with large pockets of Vietnamese people in the U.S. including California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, and many more. With all these licenses, the bonding we carry totals to more than a $2,000,000, so you can send money with comfort that the money you send through us is safe, secure and insured.
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Saigon Central Post, Inc.
9393 Bolsa Ave. Ste. A
Westminster, CA 92683
Tel: 1 (877) GOI-TIEN
Fax: 1 (714) 908-8414

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